Ione Souza Junior


December 03, 2023

Book Tracking app clone using View Code in Swift

#swift #view-code

Afew days ago, I published a post about my journey as a mobile developer and why I am changing to native iOS development. Today, I will share my first impressions of using View Code in iOS development. To practice, I chose a design for a mobile app that I found at Dribbble and started to make an app clone. So, let's jump in and see the results!

August 20, 2023

My journey in mobile development: From C# to Swift

#xamarin #swift

In mid-2014, when I began my journey into mobile development, there were few options for cross-platform approaches. My journey started with Xamarin, a powerful technology that allowed me to create native applications for multiple platforms using C#. Over the years, I focused on mobile development, leaving backend development behind to dedicate myself solely to Android and iOS development. In this post, I share some of my experiences and explain why I am increasingly drawn to iOS development with Swift.

October 12, 2019

Duolingo app clone with Xamarin.Forms


Hey folks! How are you doing? After a while, here I am writing again! But today, there won't be any technical article. Instead, I'll share with you a series of live streams I'm doing to develop a Duolingo app clone with Xamarin.Forms. Do you interested? Then read on to find out more.

June 03, 2019

HotReload: A free tool for XAML UI development


Some time ago, I wrote a post called Xamarin.Forms and UI - Which tool is more productive?. In that post, I created a comparison between the main existing tools at that time to facilitate app development with Xamarin.Forms using XAML. Now, a new tool called HotReload has emerged. Let's take a look at it and compare it with the other tools, shall we?